Wynand & Annemie {Engagement}

These two are some of our best friends and I was so excited to be able to document their love journey…
Wynand & Annemie started dating a few years ago but eventually broke up – let’s just say that Annemie knew what she wanted but Wynand wasn’t sure (why is it that women have much better foresight? 😉 )… They stayed friends but during their time apart I think Wynand matured a lot and he realised that one of the things he wanted most in life was Annemie. At this point unfortunately I think Annemie felt like it was too little, too late. Nonetheless Wynand pursued her and finally asked her to marry him in July of 2013. Now I’d like to share with you just how exactly he proposed… Wynand grew up with 2 older brothers and even though we’ve been friends for close to 7 years now, I did not expect something so romantic from Wynand… (Well done buddy!)

Wynand and Annemie both love Groenkloof and often go cycling there or just meet up with their friends for a braai. So on this particular day in July, Wynand asked Annemie to meet him at Groenkloof. When she got there, another friend of ours – dressed in a dragon costume – started chasing her. At first obviously she didn’t understand who this freak was, until he said “Annemie, just run away from me please…” Moments later, Wynand came riding in on a horse, “slayed the dragon” and rescued his Princess. He then got off his horse and opened a scroll on which he’d written his proposal, and naturally, when he asked – she said yes! While all this was going on another friend was hiding behind some trees getting it all on video 🙂
They posted this photo on Facebook that afternoon:

So naturally Groenkloof holds a lot of special meaning to these two and it was only fitting that we did their engagement shoot there. Here are some of my favourite photos…

wynand annemie_01-blog

wynand annemie_02-blog

wynand annemie_03-blog

wynand annemie_04-blog

Please note that neither of these two gorgeous people like being photographed because they “don’t look good in photos”… Yeah right!

wynand annemie_05-blog

wynand annemie_06-blog

wynand annemie_07-blog

wynand annemie_08-blog

wynand annemie_09-blog

wynand annemie_10-blog

wynand annemie_11-blog

wynand annemie_12-blogCouples that play together, stay together 😛

wynand annemie_13-blog

wynand annemie_14-blog

wynand annemie_15-blog

wynand annemie_16-blog

These two got married in January at Isiphiwo in Pretoria, and it’s been so incredible to see their relationship go from friendship to love to marriage. I love that you guys are a part of our life and thank you that we get to be a part of yours!


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