A Reintroduction

For the last 2 years God has been telling me (preparing might be a better word) to use my business as a platform to not only share other people’s stories, but to also share mine. So with the start of the new year, and the start of a new chapter in my business, I thought it might be a good idea to just introduce myself to those that have never met me, but to also reintroduce myself to those that have. From this year I will be doing more personal posts about my life experiences, things I’ve learnt, marriage, parenting etc and by all means if you’re not interested in reading, feel free to give them a skip 🙂 But I’m hoping they’ll help someone along the way…

So hi, I’m Chanique

A self-harmer

A child of God
A wife
A mom
A sister
A daughter
Set free!


I’ll elaborate on all of the above during the year but don’t worry, I’m not using this as a platform to complain or vent – if it’s not adding anything to anyone’s life, I won’t be sharing it 🙂 It’s hella scary putting all that out there for the world to see but I’ve come to know that vulnerability = strength and I believe the more transparent we are with our life’s journey, the more God can use us to impact and help others.

I’ll be turning 31 this year and instead of looking back and longing for days gone by, I look forward with great expectation because as the song goes: “I don’t need to know what the future holds coz if the past could talk it would tell me this, my God isn’t finished yet, and if He did it before He can do again so I’ll trust Him with what comes next, coz the God I know is a God of faithfulness!” He has already exceeded everything I ever dreamed my life could look like and I know that if I trust Him with whatever comes, He will exceed any expectations for my future. (So yes if you’ve come this far, my personal blog posts will most likely include a lot of talk about God 🙂 )

Some interesting facts about me: (or not)
– I play Pokemon Go
– My hair is never the same colour for too long
– I married my highschool sweetheart (we’ll be celebrating 14 dating years this Feb!)
– I was 18 when I first picked up a proper camera and discovered my love of photography

If you’re still reading – thank you for being excited about this journey with me! I can’t wait to see where this road will take me and where this business will go. 

I’ll end this off with one of my favourite family portraits taken last year by the wildly talented Picture Me & U.


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  1. January 28, 2019

    You’re wonderful. Can’t wait to read more as they come!

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