Leon & Elandre {Wedding}

I was so excited to see Nadine Aucamp posting in a group that she needed an assistant! She’s been on my “watch list” for a while and I was so excited for the opportunity to meet her and assist her. I said I was available, and then Skillie (from Kikitography) recommended me!! Arrrgh! Nadine messaged me and we were set to meet at Mogale Country Lodge.

The morning of the wedding I woke up at 5am and said goodbye to Wihan who was off to Wynand’s bachelors for the weekend. Later that day I packed my bags, checked my gear and off I went…

Here are some of my favourites from the day…

leon elandre_01-blog

leon elandre_02-blog

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(Right) Little did I know it at the time but I was already a month pregnant at the time of this wedding… I just wanted to photograph this handsome little fellow all day!

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Leon is such a clown and you can see from the photos that he definitely knows how to make Elandre laugh

leon elandre_12-blog

leon elandre_13-blog

Leon also loves music and not only is he a music teacher, but he writes his own songs. All throughout the shoot he would sing to Elandre…

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Instead of doing a speech at the reception that evening, Elandre’s dad opted to play her song that said what he wanted to say. The words of the song had a few people in tears…

leon elandre_22-blog

leon elandre_23-blog

Later that night I spent some time with Nadine and her school friends (awesome people, I must say 🙂 ) but just couldn’t keep my eyes open much later than 11 (which I later found out was all thanks to being pregnant 😛 ) – I thought I was getting old…

Dankie Nadine dat ek jou kon help die dag en dat julle my so include het in die kuier na die tyd 🙂

To see the official wedding photos, check out the post on Nadine’s website here

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