What’s your platform?

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a voice. Where do you use them and does it matter?

For a while now I’ve been feeling that this website is more than just a space to share my work. It’s more than just a place where I can share memories or important moments – not only from my life but the lives of the wonderful people I get to call clients. I feel like this might be a place where I can share my life experiences and how they’ve shaped me, what they’ve taught me, or simply just what they were in the hopes that someone else might be helped.

So I’ll be doing a few personal posts every now and again – if you don’t care, then don’t read them 🙂 But if you if you do, I’d love for you te leave a comment so I know that me sharing my heart is not a total waste of anyone’s time. Plus, you know, it can be totally terrifying sharing your soul with complete strangers >_<

These posts will be completely easy to spot coz they’ll be tagged with “personal”
So here’s to possibly discovering a new platform and being vulnerable – let’s see where it takes us 🙂

(And here’s an iPhone photo of me in Mauritius last year)

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