Weihan & Greer {In Love} | Jan Cilliers Park

Greer contacted me about doing a couple shoot and wanted something outside with lots of greenery and a summery feel just before the cold weather completely set in. We decided to do the shoot at Jan Cilliers Park and I was so excited when I got there and saw what Greer had packed…

Weihan & Greer_001

Weihan and Greer met when he came to her school for a social event. They exchanged numbers and have been together ever since. They were both a little camera shy, which for the life of me I cannot understand because they are so photogenic! I mean really Greer, those lips! Gah!

Weihan & Greer_008

Weihan & Greer_011

Weihan & Greer_012

Weihan & Greer_019

Weihan & Greer_036

Weihan & Greer_040

Weihan & Greer_051

Weihan & Greer_070

Weihan & Greer_073


Weihan & Greer_074

Weihan & Greer_086

Weihan & Greer_095

Weihan & Greer_102

Thank you guys for gracing my camera with your faces!

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