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Oh my how I enjoyed this shoot! We had been trying to book this shoot since October, but each time we had a date set, it would rain, or the kids would have a school activity or something along those lines…

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This family has so much love as you can see by the hugs and kisses between Xandri & Noelene, and even though Janine & Eamon have been together since Janine was grade 10 (std 8) – their love is deep and genuine.
I just love it when my clients are up for anything as was the case with the Swart family … How do you guys feel about lying on the grass? “Sure” How bout making a canon ball into the pool? “No problem” We had so much fun that I didn’t want the shoot to be over!
They live in Midstream Estates in a gorgeous Tuscan styled house – it was so easy to find places where I could photograph them.







Xandri turned 15 in December but even at such a young age she’s an avid reader. When I asked her how many books she reads on average per year she said “I read a bit every night after I’ve done my Bible reading, probably about 2-3 books a month?”
Noelene is 12 and is a better artist than I can ever hope to be. Her room is filled with mosaic, drawings and scrapbook pages that she’s made. She dreams of putting her art to work someday as an architect.


Janine & Eamon met December of 1986. Their story is much like Wihan and I – fell in love, wanted to get married but was faced with the realities of studies and eventually got married 8 years later! I just love the fact that even looking at their photos you can still see how very much in love they are after all these years…







My fave ♥

Thank you so much for allowing me into your home and into your lives to capture your gorgeous family! I’m excited to see how your beautiful daughters bloom and grow into gorgeous young women.

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