Simon & Natasha {Engagement}


I was so privileged to be able to capture Natasha & Simon’s love story.
Natasha is my sister-in-law and over the last 2 years we’ve also become best friends. In 2011 she started attending Rivers Church with us and got baptised that November. She started developing a slight crush on the pastor that had baptised her, just in the sense that she was looking for the kind of man he is. The conversation we had that day went something like this:
Natasha: I think I have a bit of a crush on him
Me: Hmm, too bad he’s married
Natasha: Does he have a brother?
Me: Yes, but he’s engaged…
Natasha: Damn, I started coming to this church too late 😛
I’m pretty sure that right there God was already giggling…

Simon works at church as a video editor and is the abovementioned brother. Natasha met Simon for the first time when we attended a New Year’s party at his house that Dec of 2011. It was just a casual “oh hi, so this is your house, pleased to meet you” kind of meeting and the evening went on, and that was that. In early 2012, Simon and his fiance decided to call off the engagement. By now Natasha had become a regular at church and had made quite a few friends – most of them working in the sound/video editing department… So Natasha & Simon became casual friends and would greet each other. Then they added each other on Facebook and started chatting .. You get where I’m going here. One Facebook message led to many sms messages and soon they discovered that they quite enjoyed spending time together. And the more time they spent together, the more they realised that there was more to this than just friendship. As Natasha’s best friend and “older sister” I became more concerned with the amount of interest Simon was showing in Natasha, simply because I was worried that he might be the kind of guy that was just trying to impress her – thankfully he proved me wrong 🙂

From day 1 Natasha & Simon have had quite an extravant love. This all culminated in an incredible proposal on the 20th of Oct that you can see here… Simon got 80 of their closest friends to do a flashmob! We had tutorials uploaded onto YouTube where we could learn the dance moves and we spent weeks learning the steps to the beat of the music. (Yes we, because I was part of it) Natasha had no idea…
Anywhoo … Enjoy some of my favourites from their engagement shoot last month!

Natasha & Simon 01

Natasha & Simon 02

Natasha & Simon 03

Natasha & Simon 04

Natasha & Simon 05

Natasha & Simon 06

Natasha & Simon 07

Natasha & Simon 08

Natasha & Simon 09

Natasha & Simon 10

Natasha & Simon 11

I’m so excited to be a part of the wedding in April 2013! And even more excited to see how the rest of their story unfolds…

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