Mario & Marcelle {Wedding}

I was super excited when Marinda asked me if I could second shoot for her at a wedding last year! Excited – and nervous! She was trusting me enough to do the groom portraits – and she was actually going to use my photographs and give them to her clients! Haha, it might sound silly but as a photographer I definitely second guess myself a lot (which artist doesn’t?) and I’m fine with doing shoots on my own (especially seeing as I know I’m relying on myself) but having another photographer trust me enough and rely on me to take good photos is quite a scary thing…

And as would happen on only such a day, things go wrong… I made sure to check my gear the day before and make sure that all my batteries were charged etc etc. As soon as we got to the venue that day my battery (that had been charging all night) only had about 30% battery?! (Turns out the charger had made a bad connection! Lesson learnt!) Thankfully she had a backup camera and said I could use that battery – phew! (Although right there I just wanted to crawl into a hole) Thankfully that was the worst of it and there were no incidents for the rest of the day…

Anyway, on to the wedding… 🙂

mario marcelle_01-blog

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(Right) Just love getting the groom’s expression as his bride walks in…

mario marcelle_11-blog

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Thanks to Marinda for the opportunity of second shooting! Check out the official wedding day photos here

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  1. adinda
    July 31, 2014

    sjoe Chani dis stunnig fotos!! Jy het ‘n kuns met fotos…………….

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