My last year as a 20-something {Personal}

I don’t know what happened… I blinked and I went from being 16 to turning 29! Does it really go that fast?

Like most normal people I have some weird neuroses – for example, every month I transfer my iPhone photos onto a hard drive and go through each photo, deleting it from my phone but checking that I have it saved on my laptop. It can take me hours depending on how many photos I’ve taken that month. Some months I fall behind and will have to do this for several months at a time. This past week was such a time. I hadn’t transferred my photos since December. So I sat, going through each photo on my phone and deleting it if there was a copy on my laptop. I know it’s weird but I guess a part of me doesn’t trust that my laptop always saves everything when I transfer it from Photos and I don’t want to lose any memories. That said, I also think that a part of me loves doing it because I get to relive all the moments and memories. Each and every time I do this, my heart becomes full – I realise again just how incredible my life is, and how every day moments make up one big, beautiful, perfectly messy life.

I turned 29 this weekend – on Mother’s Day. I still catch myself wondering how I’m 29, have known my husband half my life and am the mom of 2 incredible kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I am all of the above, but when I really think about it I don’t understand how I got here because some days I still feel like I can’t even take care of myself, nevermind 2 kids! And yet I have been given the incredible privilege of being their parent and a wife to my wonderful husband.
I have to say that I welcome growing older. In the last 3 years I have become more myself than I’ve ever felt before. I have never felt this comfortable in my own skin (more on that in a blog post to come), more confident in being me – quirks and all, more excited about growing wiser as the years progress, and more excited about not only what my life is right now but also what it might be in the decade to come.

I’m really looking forward to turning 30… But until then I’ll definitely be taking in everything my last year as a twenty-something has to offer. Every last, messy detail 🙂

And here’s an iPhone photo of one of my favourite days in Cape Town this December… If my life has more of this to offer then why would I want to go back to being 16..?

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