Kent & Bianca’s Sunrise engagement

Bianca is my little sister. She’s fiesty, driven, courageous, stubborn and completely in love with Jesus.
As the middle child she’s always been “different” – marched to the beat of her own drum – in the sense that my brother and I were very much influenced by our peers and what people thought of us. My sister has only ever cared what Jesus thought of her and as such made decisions early on in her life that I greatly respect her for, like the decision to not date until she met “the one”. I always told her that she took relationships too seriously, and my parents would say that her standards were too high… And then she met Kent…
The two of them were teamed up at church as cell group shepherds. They would meet every now and then to talk about how the cell groups were doing and if there were any issues etc. At first they were just friends – I believe Kent even thought Bianca was quite strange when he first got to know her – but then his heart started to change, and he began to see her as more than a friend…

My sister sent me a message in April 2014 saying that Kent had asked if he could pursue her! She had given him permission and he had asked my parents if he could take her out on their first date. Yes ladies, there are still gentlemen out there that do these types of things… And I don’t care whether you feel that times have changed, and that this is “old school” – it’s still pretty darm romantic!
I think it was pretty clear from the get go that these two suited each other well. My mother and I had more than one argument with my sister where we’d tell her that she’d marry her opposite and she argued that it might have happened in our cases but that she would marry someone that liked the same music as her, had the same taste in movies etc etc. One of the first things Bianca told me about Kent was: He’s the complete opposite of me! I almost died laughing! 😀
In a way this was true, but in so many ways these two are so alike…
Kent is driven, passionate, completely in love with Jesus and has a way of making you love him so very quickly.
They are both deeply passionate about God, people, family, serving. Both have very strong personalities and give 110% in everything they do. They both love adventure. They are a dynamite couple! Movers and shakers…

Anyway, it was just a few months into their relationship when I started dropping hints about wedding rings, and Kent actually said “you won’t believe it but I was JUST telling my mom how I had no idea what kind of ring Bianca would like…!” Ha! I like to think that the whole thing was Spirit led 🙂 I started doing some recon – thankfully my sister is pretty clueless sometimes and I easily distracted her with ulterior motives for wanting to know. Within a few days I sent Kent a few ideas as well as her ring size and he was off to get her ring designed! And on September 6th, 2014 – just 5 months after they started dating – he proposed.
I was soooo thrilled when they asked me to take their photos because hell, why wouldn’t I want to capture this incredibly special time in my sister’s life??! Here are a few of my favourites from their shoot at sunrise!

Kent & Bianca_020

This has got to be one of the most photogenic rings I’ve ever photographed 😉

Kent & Bianca_027

Kent & Bianca_031

Kent & Bianca_036

Kent & Bianca_043

One of the ways I could tell that Kent was indeed “the one”, was the fact that Bianca was completely at rest when she was with him. She didn’t have to guard her heart because she knew that he would keep it safe.

Kent & Bianca_051

Kent & Bianca_056

Kent & Bianca_060

Kent & Bianca_064

Kent & Bianca_068

Kent & Bianca_077

Kent & Bianca_078

Kent & Bianca_101

Kent & Bianca_103

Kent & Bianca_108

Kent & Bianca_114

Kent & Bianca_123

Kent & Bianca_133

Kent & Bianca_145

Bianca – I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again – you are sickeningly gorgeous!

Kent & Bianca_150

Kent & Bianca_164

Kent & Bianca_170

Kent & Bianca_176

Kent & Bianca_189

Yes these two are goofballs 😀

Kent & Bianca_201


Kent & Bianca_213

When the sun was well into the sky, we headed to Kent’s house for a quick outfit change. Then we filled his living room with balloons…

Kent & Bianca_240

Kent & Bianca_251

(Note: I don’t do selective colouring photos, but somehow the red in these just worked for me)

Kent & Bianca_259

Kent & Bianca_265

Kent & Bianca_268

Kent & Bianca_277

Kent & Bianca_283

Kent & Bianca_289

Kent & Bianca_306

I’m so honoured to call Kent my brother-in-law and their story is just testament to the fact that Jesus knows, and blesses us with the best in His perfect time. At their engagement party Bianca said this: “People always asked me if I wasn’t scared that I was so focused on serving God that I might miss my husband. In my mind that was just ridiculous, why would God let me “miss” my husband. I always figured that if the guy was important enough, Jesus would take the time to make me stop and notice him.”

These two were married in February and it has been beautiful to see their marriage grow! You can see their stunning wedding photos here

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