Johann & Kayan {Engagement}

Saying I was excited about this shoot would not even be the right words to use… Kayan had contacted me in September about their engagement shoot and said that she wanted a whimsical “Romeo & Juliet” kind of shoot and I had been waiting for months for the day of their shoot to arrive!

These two met at church and they are both the full package : beauty and brains! Not only that but they both have hearts of gold! Kayan is a human rights lawyer and Johann is studying to be an eye doctor. They both love Jesus and are very committed to serving at church and I believe this gives their love an added dimension.

Kayan and I searched for a venue that fit their theme and eventually decided to have it at Bag End – a quaint B&B in Midrand. The venue is beautiful and worked perfectly! It didn’t even feel like we were in Midrand but instead it felt like we spent the afternoon in the French/Italian countryside…

Here are some of my favourites from their session:

johann kayan_01-blog

johann kayan_02-blog

johann kayan_03-blog

johann kayan_04-blog

johann kayan_05-blog

johann kayan_06-blog

johann kayan_07-blog

johann kayan_08-blog

johann kayan_09-blog

johann kayan_10-blog

johann kayan_11-blog

johann kayan_12-blog

johann kayan_13-blog

johann kayan_14-blog

johann kayan_15-blog

johann kayan_16-blog

johann kayan_17-blog

johann kayan_18-blog

johann kayan_19-blog

johann kayan_20-blog

johann kayan_21-blog

johann kayan_22-blog

These two said their vows at Vivere Country House in April and Ryan Parker captured their wedding perfectly! Click here to see their wedding photos and here if you’d like to see their wedding video (this had me in tears) taken by Salmon Botha from Luvstruck Films.

Thanks you two for allowing me to capture this beautiful time in your lives!

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