Jaco & Rebecca | A travel themed engagement

Jaco contacted me at the end of last year to talk about doing an e-shoot in Feb when his fiancé would be visiting. Rebecca lives in Brazil and twice a year Jaco flies there or Rebecca flies here to visit. They’ve been dating long distance for the last 6 years!
Rebecca was quite nervous about the shoot so they asked to meet with me beforehand to talk about some of their ideas and to get to know me a bit. While I had them in my studio I asked them about how they’d met, and their story gave me goosebumps…

Rebecca’s family came to know Jesus when a group of missionaries from South Africa went to Brazil. Years later, when Rebecca finished school, they decided that they wanted to learn English and that South Africa would be a good place to do so seeing as they knew people here. During that time, Jaco wanted to go to the USA but for some reason his work passport got denied. This resulted in him and Rebecca spending a year in the same place at the same time! Coincidence…? I think not! (Isn’t God just absolutely awesome?!)
Since meeting, and consequently falling in love, these two love birds have been dating long distance! (As in South Africa and Brazil!) When I asked them how that was, Jaco said “Sure I’ve thought about whether it wouldn’t be easier to break up and date someone closer to home, but then I’d think about holding her hand and I’d realise, it wouldn’t be Rebecca’s hand. I’d think about kissing her and I’d realise, I wouldn’t be kissing Rebecca… So even though it’s hard, I know there’s no one else I want to be with.”
A friend of theirs said to me “Jaco and Rebecca are great together. Rebecca makes him a better man, a bigger man…”

And that’s what true love does, isn’t it..?

Seeing as a lot of their relationship is centered around travel (Jaco is also a travel agent), they decided to make that their theme for the e-shoot, which was pretty perfect!

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For someone that’s shy, Rebecca sure knew how to work it!

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Thank you so much to these two awesome people for letting me capture their love story! So excited for the two of you and your upcoming wedding in 2016!

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