Geri Family {Family} | Maboneng Precinct

Meet the Geri’s. Yes, I think it’s an awesome surname too! Megan and I have actually known each other since we were teeny tiny little humans as our parents were friends. Over the years our parents stopped hanging out so inevitably our friendship ended, but we were in the same school so we’d greet each other, and then when Facebook happened we kept in touch.

Earlier this year I ran a competition and Megan’s name was picked in the lucky draw! “I’ve never won anything before!” said Megan when I announced that she’d won.
When we talked about what kind of shoot they’d want, Megan mentioned that she wanted something with an urban feel, so on a chilly winter’s day I met up with her and her gorgeous family in Maboneng to make some memories.
Geri Family_03

Megan is a wife, mom of 2 {Hayden is 2 and Lilah is 4}, blogger, business woman, writer and the list goes on. Pretty much she’s awesome, and one of those people that make you feel like you could be doing more – especially when she posts about her 5min workouts that you could be doing while cooking etc. Matt is also an entrepreneur, engineer, business owner etc etc. So together they’re just a powerhouse team. What I love is that they encourage each other and help each other to pursue their dreams. When Megan wanted a platform to write on, Matt designed her a website. When they moved to Cape Town and she sold her dance studio, he told her she could take time to figure out what she wanted to do. Isn’t that what marriage is about? Anyway – here are some of my favourites of this gorgeous family

Geri Family_04

Geri Family_06

Boys will be boys – Hayden got curious about what a leaf tastes like. Haha, I couldn’t resist

Geri Family_10

So much love!

Geri Family_18

Geri Family_21

Geri Family_29

Geri Family_30

I love the photo in the middle – Hayden and Lilah had a little fall and Mom and Dad were there to cuddle them. Although these two are a powerhouse always full of ideas on business etc, their kids are high priority.

Geri Family_32

Geri Family_41

Geri Family_51

Geri Family_56

Geri Family_62

One of my absolute favourites!

Geri Family_63

Geri Family_65

Geri Family_68

Geri Family_72

Thanks so much Matt & Megan for spending an afternoon with me and letting me capture some special memories for you!

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