Danté & Mické


I was so excited for this shoot back in August, and before I know it – 3 months have passed! Rather late than never right? 😉

Danté is my baby brother – I’m older by 7 years – yet in the last year or two he’s become stronger and taller than me! How is it that someone I used to protect can now sweep me up and make me feel helpless?? I know these things happen but somehow I can’t help but still think of him as my baby brother. I still get a shock every time I see him drink a beer or drive a car. Anyway, I was so excited to be taking their photos. Mické is a good friend of his from school and she looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous in her red dress. Sutherland’s matric dance is held in winter every year and it just so happens that almost every year it falls on probably one of the coldest days of the year – 2013 was no exception. Mické braved the cold (and wind) and we spent some time before their school arrival taking photos. Aren’t they just 2 of the best looking people you’ve seen? 😉

Matric Dance 2013_002

Matric Dance 2013_007

Matric Dance 2013_009

Mické has a quiet elegance about her. I’m not sure she knows how beautiful she is and in a sense that makes her even more beautiful…Matric Dance 2013_043

Matric Dance 2013_048

Matric Dance 2013_076

I LOVE funny face photos – they are probably some of my favourite things to do (that and hair flips, as seen here) if my clients are into it. Not only do they make for good laughs, they make great GIFs!

Double Click Me 1  Matric Dance 2013_129

Matric Dance 2013_139Watch out GQ!

Matric Dance 2013_140

One of the many things I love about my brother is the fact that he’s such a gentleman! (When he wants to be of course 😉 ) One time I was talking to a guy friend and the guy started telling a story even before I was done talking. Danté punched him and said “Dude, don’t you listen when girls talk? My sister’s telling you a story” ♥

Matric Dance 2013_155

Matric Dance 2013_163

Matric Dance 2013_168

Then Danté wanted some photos with Wihan… (Every girl’s dream – for her brother and husband to get along)

Matric Dance 2013_177

Matric Dance 2013_179

Matric Dance 2013_184

Mické and her momMatric Dance 2013_187

Matric Dance 2013_190

Matric Dance 2013_191

Danté and some of his friends doing a GQ pose 🙂Matric Dance 2013_205

Can’t believe that 2013 is coming to an end and my brother is pretty much done with school! I know that there are great things awaiting him in the future!

Your Matric dance – in a lot of ways – is like your wedding… You spend years dreaming about it and then when it’s about to arrive you spend months planning and prepping for it, then when the day finally arrives, it’s over in the blink of an eye. Danté said it like this “One day looked forward to for years… Over in an instant.”

I’m lucky that I spent my matric dance and my wedding day with the same guy 🙂

Here’s us at matric dance (2005 – shhhh!) and our wedding (2011) us

Can you remember your matric dance? Any favourite moments?


  1. Hulda
    November 13, 2013

    WOW – STUNNING!!!!!!!

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