Danie & Stefanie {Wedding}

Danie & Stefanie have one of the best stories I’ve heard and when you listen to their story you can be sure that it was written by the One who writes the best love stories of all…
Danie & Stefanie met by literally crashing into each other – Danie was reversing out of his driveway and Stefanie was checking her rear-view mirror (although certain versions of the story will say that Stefanie just isn’t a good driver). But this is where their story started although it took quite a journey to get them to the day where they stood beside each other and finally said “I Do”

Stefanie has such an elegance about her and I truly believe that there are few things as beautiful as a happy, relaxed bride on her wedding day

The picture on the right (above) was taken just before they entered the reception venue and they were worrying about their dance – they decided to take a few moments to practice. I don’t know why they were worried … They killed it!

Even though I’d never even met Danie & Stefanie before their wedding day, I cried more than once. Their reception was a compilation of heartfelt well wishes and thanks to the God who brought them together. While telling of their love for each other and their love for God, I couldn’t help but choke down the tears and think how incredible it is that our Dad knows us so well and longs to give us the desires of our hearts.There was one stage of Danie & Stefanie’s journey where they were both praying about whether or not a relationship with each other was God’s will and they both decided to fast and pray. Only after they had gotten engaged did this come up and they discovered that they were both fasting and praying at the same time … Oh boy God is good!

Danie & Stefanie it was such an honour to be a part of your day and I know that there are still great things ahead of both of you and I’m so excited to know that you not only face them together, but that you face them 3 fold strong.
“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” {Eccl 4:12 NLT}

Juné, thank you so much for the awesome opportunity of assisting you! For all the official wedding day photos please click here

Venue: Nt’Shonalanga Valley Resort
Official photographer: Juné Joubert

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