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Ashleigh is from Zimbabwe. Chris is from Canada. They live in Australia and flew all the way to South Africa for a couple shoot! No not really, hehe, but almost…

Ashleigh and I met back in 2008 when she started dating one of our friends, and we very quickly became the best of friends. She was studying Interior Architecture at Tuks at the time. After finishing her studies she moved back home to Zim to help out on the family farm. This is where she met Chris who was working on the mines and just before our wedding in 2011, her and Chris started dating.
At the end of 2012 Chris got a job offer in Australia and they were faced with the decision to either break up or Ashleigh had to move to Australia too. They chose the latter option and so my best friend was not just across the border anymore. However difficult the move was for Ashleigh, we kept in constant contact via email, WhatsApp and Skype and constantly spoke about her time in Australia. It was difficult for her the first few months – being in a new country alone with Chris working on the mines and only seeing him every other weekend, but I believe her time there made her more confident not only in who she is but also about the future of the relationship.

So anyway 🙂 Being Ashleigh’s best friend I almost always thought that the guys she dated weren’t good enough for her. Although her and Chris had their ups and downs in the beginning (as every relationship does), I grew to like him from all the stories she told me. So I was super excited when they came to visit in Des last year to finally officially meet him! Although I’d met him before just in quick passing, I was excited to finally spend some proper time with the two of them. They were flying down to Zim to visit Ashleigh’s family, and made a stop over in South Africa just to see me!! (Yes I felt incredibly special!!)
Ashleigh had mentioned in her emails some months before that they would like to do a couple shoot during their time here but I never heard back from her again about whether they wanted to book it or not, so when they landed here and asked when I’d have time for the shoot I was thrilled! Having my best friend and the man she loves in front of my camera was super special!

Again – neither Ashleigh or Chris like being in front of the camera but just look at these great pictures!

chris ashleigh_01-blog

chris ashleigh_02-blog

Ashleigh has a modest beauty about her that I find absolutely captivating!

chris ashleigh_03-blog

chris ashleigh_04-blog

chris ashleigh_05-blog

chris ashleigh_06-blog

chris ashleigh_07-blog

chris ashleigh_08-blog

chris ashleigh_09-blog

chris ashleigh_10-blog

chris ashleigh_11-blog

chris ashleigh_12-blog

chris ashleigh_13-blog

chris ashleigh_14-blog

This has probably got to be my fave! I put Chris on the spot and asked him when he was planning on proposing – this photo was taken seconds after and I just love it! (He popped the question on April 12th!)

chris ashleigh_15-blog

chris ashleigh_16-blog

chris ashleigh_17-blog

Since their session, these love birds have moved to Chris’ home town in Canada where they plan on getting married next year and settling down.
Thanks so much you two for making me a part of your love story! I loved being able to capture this special time!

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