Marnus & Amber {Wedding}

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Marnus is Wihan’s cousin and when they were younger they were practically best friends. As they grew up, they grew apart and Marnus became a little mixed up with a bad crowd. Many years later he met Amber in Hatfield… She wanted nothing to do with him, but he persisted and eventually she gave him a break and they went on a date 🙂 And so started their love story… Marnus says that Amber changed his life and he will forever be grateful
Maybe it was partly because of the effect Amber had on him, but whatever the reason, Marnus reconnected with Wihan shortly after our wedding in 2011.

We were so honoured to receive an invite to their wedding coz we know what it’s like to decide who to invite and who not to invite and we honestly thought that we weren’t among their close friends so we weren’t expecting an invite at all. It’s always so special when people want you to celebrate their special day with them!
Here are just some pics I got of the day (taken on my compact camera)





Amber & Marnus, thank you so much that we could celebrate your special day with you. I have no doubt that the two of you will keep each other happy for many years to come!


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