Album design: Swart Family

A while back I did a shoot with the Swart family (you can see the shoot here) and a little while after getting their photos they decided to have an album printed.

I’m always nervous when I give my clients their photos/show them their design – usually it’s because I’ve given my best and I love what I’m giving them, but I always worry that they might not feel the same way.
When I gave them their photos they only looked at it a few days later but I was so happy to hear that the photos had Janine in tears. When I finished the design I was so excited and hoping Janine would be just as happy with the album design as she had been with the photos. I started the slideshow and left the room with the guise of making some coffee (I know, I’m a bit of a loser). When I came back she jumped up and hugged me and said “I love it! It’s so special!” And I breathed a sigh of relief >_<

Well anyway, here’s the design…

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