My Style

Sometimes a story doesn’t need any words…

I love telling stories and I guess in a way that’s what drew me to photography – telling a story without using any words. Every photo is magical – it reminds you of a moment, an emotion, a place…
Many people say that a good photo is sharp, well exposed, and has great composition. For me, photography is about capturing life and I find that life is rarely sharp and well exposed. Some of my favourite photos are of moments that happened so fast that the photo came out slightly blurred or the focus is a little out of place. Sometimes it feels like I captured a piece of life in the photo – and that’s my aim.

Hendrik & Ellen_160
I try to capture every wedding as true to the day as possible, looking for moments that might go unnoticed.
My style can probably be best described as mixed wedding photography style. Lifestyle photography is candid but done with some direction and styling – I feel this is true about my style. I love real moments and they’re what I live to capture on any special day, but sometimes the situation will warrant some direction. For the most part I try to give my clients some direction and then wait for the magic to happen – capturing real emotion from a somewhat “posed” situation.

Sean & Carla 412

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